Waushara County property transfers August 22-28

*8/22/18 Angela M. Rondello to Karen and Dary Sheehy, Town of Dakota, $115,000.

*8/22/18 Paul R. and Loretta G. Fisher to Benjamin A. and Stephanie A. Terpstra, Village of Wild Rose, $114,900.

*8/22/18 Jac Land Company, LLC to Janice R. Blader, Town of Dakota, $387,605.

*8/22/18 Mary E. Andersen to Harvey H. Andersen, Town of Leon, $56,600.

*8/22/18 Jorgen J. Knudsen to Kurt and Ann Knudsen, Town of Saxeville, $2,700.

*8/22/18 Anna Elizabeth Gonyo to Richard Gonyo, Town of Warren, $55,250.

*8/22/18 Kimberly S. Schultz to Steven P. Schultz, Town of Hancock, $16,400.

*8/23/18 Thomas Lee Kubasta Jr. to Russell Krings, Town of Leon, $124,000.

*8/23/18 Rosemary Emily Krall to Estate of Raymond G. Krall, Town of Hancock, $175,700.


*8/23/18 Estate of Raymond G. Krall to Scott Ross, Town of Hancock, $113,500.

*8/23/18 Laverne H. Griese to Fay J. Krempp, Village of Redgranite, $34,000.

*8/24/18 White River Properties, LLC to Robert G. and Lynn E. Hicks, Town of Springwater, $220,000.

*8/24/18 First National Bank of America to Rose Acceptance, Inc., Village of Hancock, $1,500.

*8/24/18 Rose Acceptance, Inc. to Edward W. Wells, Village of Hancock, $1,500.

*8/24/18 Nancy L. (Estate) Thompson to Timothy M. Thompson, Town of Wautoma, $25,900.

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