Coloma Village Board approved decorative sign business Aug. 30

The Coloma Village Board meeting was held on Aug. 30 at the Coloma Community Center. Adam Popp presented a proposal to the board for a new business in Coloma. It would be located across from the Condon Oil Company on Front St. The business will be making handmade decorative signs and there will be classes available on how to make signs. They will be refinishing and revitalizing old furniture, as well.

There also is a plan for next summer to sell ice cream and gourmet coffee. He insured the board that everything was in compliance.

Tom Congdon commented that the property is zoned highway commercial so there will be no conflicts with opening the new business.

The board voted to amend their emergency response plan by changing the command center from the community center to the fire station. This is due to accessibility of radios and a generator. The plan will need to be approved by the Township of Coloma. The designated emergency response coordinator will be Brenda Walker, with Jim Fousek as a backup.

The board agreed to renew their contract with Adams Co. Waste. There will be an increase of 2.5 percent.

The board approved the picnic license for the Fall Fest, which will be held on Sept. 29.


The board approved the purchase of a taser to replace the model that has become obsolete. The purchase is a necessity because the police force needs to have a less lethal option, if needed.

The board approved the purchase of a fridge for the village shop. The fridge is a necessity to keep samples cold that are sent in for testing. The board also approved the library board members: Cheryl Flyte, Dianne Rudolph, Tom Congdon, Jaci Gallagher, Skip Martin, and Mark Kerschner.

There was a lengthy discussion on the incubator grant and whether to proceed with the project. A decision was made to table any decisions until quotes for the roof have been completed. The final decision on the project needs to be decided by Oct. 31.


The next village board meeting will be held on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 6:30 p.m.