Matt Kapral gave a presentation on Aug. 20 at the Wild Rose Community Center to share his experience going on a mission trip to Arizona, where he helped immigrant families.

Matt Kapral gives presentation on mission trip experience

Wild Rose High School student Matt Kapral took an eye-opening mission trip earlier this summer, and gave a presentation of his experience for the public on Aug. 20 at the Wild Rose Community Center.

Matt took a group trip to an immigration area in southern Arizona, the Tucson border. While he couldn’t stand the extra hot temperature, Matt felt the trip was well worth it. He feels he could go on more mission trips and help people more.

Where Matt’s group went was where poor people from a number of countries including Russia, were trying to seek asylum in the United States legally. Some walked many miles across the desert to the border and a shelter house, seeking a better life. Even then, there is so much separation from families.

Catholic Community Services helps to provide shelter and more for the immigrants and missionary groups who seek to help them. Matt’s group helped out at the shelter house in painting and in spending time with the kids, doing whatever activities they wanted to participate in. The kids could be quite energetic. It was a challenge to figure out what some of the kids were saying while they were talking in their native language; however, there were interpreters to help.

Matt pointed out that some people had sponsors to help get them out of Arizona, but they otherwise sometimes had to wait two to four years to go through the entire immigration process of interviews, court cases, appeals (if needed), and so on, making this a not-so-easy task.

Matt and the group he traveled with raised funds through bake sales and other fundraisers.


As for the immigrants, there are various fundraisers starting up for them, including a sock and underwear drive (both children and adults) and a Go Fund Me page.