Golden Sands RC&D program available to woodland owners

Golden Sands RC&D will host a landowner meeting at the Deerfield Town Hall, Hancock, on Thursday, Sept. 27 to promote the Woods & Wildlife for Today and Tomorrow pilot program. The program works with small landowners in hopes of making big advancements in Wisconsin forest conservation. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and is free to landowners in the townships of Deerfield, Rose, and southeastern Oasis.

“This project will bring together landowners so that they can produce more marketable forest products, qualify for more forest and wildlife management programs available by the Department of Natural Resources and Natural Resources Conservation Ser-vice, and write forest man-agement plans which will help landowners qualify for tax deductions,” said Golden Sands RC&D’s Cooperative Woodland Management Co-ordinator Joshua Benes.

Golden Sands RC&D believes the program provides outreach and conservation aid to some of Wisconsin’s 367,000 private woodland owners who collectively own approximately nine million acres of woodland. Golden Sands RC&D believes the pilot program will provide opportunities to woodland owners in the eight counties that it is serving for this project.

“Currently, many pri-vately-owned woodlands in Wisconsin are fragmented into small acreages with different landowners,” said Benes. “This makes it difficult for small-scale woodlands to be profitable and access state and federal programs. The Woods and Wildlife for Today and Tomorrow project aims to connect these small-scale woodlands so that landowners can work together to decrease externalized costs and increase woodland value. Collaborating with their neighbors will allow landowners to receive the benefits of large woodland projects such as working under one logging contract, receiving state assistance for wildlife habitat management, and increased coordination for qualifying for property tax benefits.”


For more information, contact Joshua Benes at 715-343-6215 or