Two Oaks North Ladies League announces Aug. 9 results

Two Oaks North Ladies League announced the results of their Aug. 9 event. The events and winners are as followed:

Championship Flight – Low Net: 1st—Nancy Kreeger, 35; 2nd—Dianne Dunn, 35; 3rd—Diane Binder, 36; 4th—Judy Godson, 37.

A Flight – Low Net: 1st—Jane Koechell, 36; 2nd—Carole Taylor, 36; 3rd—Cyndy Kuncl, 38; 4th—Bonnie Monacelli, 38.

B Flight – Low Net: 1st—Fay McMonigal, 35; 2nd—Mary Zwicky, 36; 3rd—Diane Schmidt, 37; 4th—Amy Holzwart, 38.

C Flight – Low Net: 1st—Deb Jozwowski, 33; 2nd—Joanne Pflug, 37; 3rd—Clari Hasselquist, 42; 4th—Sherry Boesler, 44.

Mystery Event (“Deuces Wild” = Most Holes with Two Putts): 1st—Nancy Marchese, 7; 2nd—Ardelle Gottschalk, 7; 3rd—Marie Cork, 6; 4th—Barb Bending, 6.

Hole Events: #1—Longest Putt, Elaine Leon; #2—Closest to Pin from Off the Green, Juanita Zernia; #3—Longest Drive in Fairway, Amy Holzwart; #4—Closest to Left 150 Marker on Drive, Mary Zwicky; #5—Closest to Pin in One, Elaine Leon; #6—Longest Putt, Joanne Pflug; #7—Closest 3rd Shot, Nancy Kreeger; #8—Closest to Pin in One, Diane Binder; #9: Closest to Pin from Off the Green, Lois Wohlfeil.

Chip-In: Lois Wohlfeil #9.

Birdies: Judy Godson #9.

Least Putts – 13: Kathy Bennot, Nancy Kreeger, and Louise Sedarski.