School Safety Security addressed at Wautoma Area School Board meeting

Tom Rheinheimer reported on a School Safety Security System that could be used to help with visitor background checks at the Wautoma Area School District Meeting on Aug. 13.

This system is called Raptor Technologies, and this is used to screen for sex offenders in all 50 states. It can also be customized so that each school can contain custody alerts and/or ban certain visitors. There is an emergency panic button that allows users to instantly alert a list of school officials and first responders of an incident.


When visitors enter, their ID’s are scanned and checked by the system, and if they are approved a customized visitors pass will be printed for the person to wear. This system costs $6,900 to be implemented district wide. After that it is only $540 a year.

Rheinheimer mentioned he had applied a grant where the lowest awarded amount is $10,000, which would cover this expense. This topic will be revisited once they hear back from the grant committee.

A Wautoma High School Assessment report was given regarding the Advanced Placement (AP) test results students took this previous school year.

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