Waushara County property transfers July 11-17

*7/11/18 Eunice A. Stevens to Debra A. Henderson, City of Wautoma, $62,000. *7/11/18 Ronald G. Hennings to Henne Farm, LLC, Town of Richford, $60,708. *7/11/18 Norine G. Brown to Russell J. Brown, Town of Marion, $33,150. *7/11/18 Jeffrey D. Potter to Wells Brickhouse Tavern, LLC, Village of Hancock, $60,000. *7/11/18 Raymond W. Johnson to Jess A. Johnson, Town of Mount Morris, $238,100. *7/11/18 Michael F. Rieser to Gwen W. Rieser, Town of Leon, $189,700. *7/11/18 Lamar L. LaPorte to Taterland Farms, LLC, Village of Plainfield, $66,000. *7/12/18 Randall G. Kempf to Bradley C. and Cassie J. Konen, Town of Bloomfield, $165,000. *7/12/18 Richard J. Geller, Jr. to Lynn and Sunyong Wilcox, Town of Dakota, $30,800. *7/12/18 Scott Geller to Lynn and Sunyong Wilcox, Town of Dakota, $159,100. *7/12/18 BMO Harris Bank N.A. to Realty Income Properties 17, LLC, City of Wautoma, $782,758. *7/12/18 Lawrence R. Hartman to Gosi M. Vega, Town of Wautoma, $21,100. *7/13/18 Joshua E. Thull to Federal National Mortgage Association, Town of Aurora, $211,500. *7/13/18 Joshua E. Thull to Farmers & Merchants Bank, Town of Springwater, $117,000. *7/13/18 Libbey Investments LLC to Daniel Gosenheimer, Village of Wild Rose, $60,000. *7/16/18 Irene McPhail to Ritchie M. McPhail, Village of Hancock, $38,500. *7/16/18 Irene McPhail to Ritchie M. McPhail, Village of Hancock, $8,600. *7/16/18 Ronald D. and Sharon I. Mulvey to Phillip M. and Tammy J. Strelow, Town of Leon, $200,000. *7/16/18 Carl E. and Phyllis J. Johnson to Craig J. and Meghan M. Zimmer, Town of Leon, $312,500. *7/16/18 Chester Mast to Jacob M. Mast, Town of Richford, $4,500. *7/16/18 Janet K. Recore to Dale Hedtke, Town of Wautoma, $184,800. *7/17/18 JJH Properties, LLC to John J. Eagan, Town of Wautoma, $118,200. *7/17/18 Nyle E. and Kathleen D. Sibolsky to PLCL, LLC, Town of Mount Morris, $140,000. *7/17/18 David and Barbara Rozek to Gerald and Deborah L. Kresbach, Town of Marion, $185,000. *7/17/18 Lamar L. and Lorna LaPorte to Cody A. and Shaleese D. Lewen, Village of Plainfield, $136,000. *7/17/18 Orrin D. Johnson to Kathleen R. Teske, Town of Poy Sippi, $69,300. *7/17/18 Kathleen R. Teske F/K/A Kathleen R. Burg to Benjamin A. and Belinda M. Stevens, Town of Poy Sippi, $230,000.