Jackie and Victor Anbreski invite you to stop in at the Chatterbox Restaurant in Wild Rose to meet them—the new owners—and maybe even try a piece of Jackie’s homemade pies. Pictures here is adelightfulstrawberry rhubarb pie.

Chatterbox Restaurant opens in Wild Rose

    From one restaurant adventure to another, that’s the way Jackie and Victor Anbreski live their lives. Their latest adventure landed them at the Chatterbox Restaurant in downtown Wild Rose.     The Yugoslavian couple had been in the restaurant business for 30 years, tried retiring, but it didn’t last because they didn’t know what to do with themselves. Restaurant work is in their blood, and it appears to be there to stay. They have to keep busy with that kind of work.     The Anbreski’s have been serving the same homemade food prepared the old fashioned way all these years, and it proved to be successful. They’re passionate about cooking and want to make people happy. Victor claims to be patient with his cooking, even if it may take longer. Victor won’t turn out any food to a customer if it doesn’t look right—it has to be perfect.

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