Waushara County accident reports

6/29/18: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 10:15 am on STH 49 southbound, Town of Poy Sippi. Melanie Jean Orlando, 25, Neenah, was traveling southbound on STH 49. Orlando failed to notice a tractor making a left turn into a driveway. Orlando made an evasive move to avoid a collision, crossing the center line and entered the east ditch. Orlando came to rest in the ditch and her vehicle sustained minor front end damage.   6/30/18: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 10:49 pm on CTH K northbound, Town of Springwater. Thomas M. Hoffman, 62, Machesney Park, IL, was traveling northbound on County Road K when it traveled left of center and into the ditch. The vehicle sustained moderate damage to its front bumper and drivers side front and back wheels. The vehicle also has interior damage, as it was located in two-feet of swamp water. The vehicle had an open bottle of Jameson liquor within it and numerous cans of open and unopened beer. Three citations were issued for operating left of center line, failure of operator to notify police of accident, and keep open intoxicants in MV-owner. 7/04/18: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 3:12 pm on STH 21 eastbound, Town of Marion. John Borghese, 56, Westminster, CO, and Alex Bong, 24, Wautoma, were both traveling eastbound with Bong driving behind Borghese. By both drivers accounts and witness account, Borghese slowed and signaled to turn left into the wayside. Bong rearended Borghese and the attached trailer containing two motorcycles. Bong acknowledged reaching for a water bottle in the moments leading up to the crash. Both trailed motorcycles also sustained damage. Deer Accidents: 7/01/18: 9:32 pm on STH 49 northbound, Town of Bloomfield. Jesse Elton Milne, 44, Berlin. 7/02/18: 8:30 pm on STH 22 northbound, Town of Springwater. Kimberly Ileana Jacobs, 51, New London. 7/02/18: 11:25 pm on STH 21 eastbound, Town of Marion. Kinsey Jade Contreras, 26, Wautoma.