Wautoma Common Council approves treatment to remove Reed Canary Grass from Mill Pond

Members of the Wautoma Common Council voted unanimously to approve an agreement from Wisconsin Lake & Pond Resource, LLC to remove invasive species from the Wautoma Mill Pond at a cost of $3,625. The chemical application to remove Reed Canary Grass, an invasive species, has been approved by the Department of Natural Resources.   The city looked into a mechanical options, but the chemical option was more advantageous as it does not disturb the habitat on the shoreline.   Wisconsin Lake & Pond believes that most of the Reed Canary Grass will be killed in one application. The council also passed a resolution authorizing the execution of agreement with Arimon Technologies, Inc. to quit claim a deed that was city owned in exchange for a signed agreement that Arimon will add 10 new jobs by Jan. 1, 2019.  The land will be used for additional parking spaces. Mary Kunasch, chairman of Augustfest 2018, addressed the board requesting assistance for Augustfest 2018.  Kunasch requested additional picnic tables, trash cans, electricity, water, the use of the WWII Memorial for Aug. 10 & 11, police assistance for Aug. 11, and financial support. The council unanimously approved the requests, including a $500 donation towards expenses.

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