A+ Program strives to help children succeed

The Board of Education Wautoma Area School District held their monthly meeting on July 9 at the Wautoma High School Library. The meeting began with a presentation on the A+ program for the 2017-18 school year. Two hundred twelve students were enrolled, with 192 students attending 30 or more days. This was roughly the same as the previous year. Students and parents were surveyed, and 65 percent of students said they enjoyed attending the program. As well, 97 percent of parents said they were satisfied with the program, 78 percent said it reduced stress at home, 88 percent said it improved academic skills, and 95 percent said the program helped improve social skills and new interests. Family engagement also increased by 20 adults this year. Looking at the future, Riverview will have to re-apply for their grant in Spring 2019, and Parkside will have to re-apply in Spring 2020.

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