Redgranite resident complains about condition of neighbor’s property

A Redgranite resident attended the June 19 Redgranite Village Board meeting to complain about the condition of her neighbor’s property, citing a village ordinance that prohibits junk on property within the village. “I’ve complained about this for years,” said the resident, “and nothing ever happens.” The resident dispersed photos of the neighbor’s property to the board members and said she would never be able to sell her property with the condition  of the neighbor’s property. She said she has reported this many times to Police Chief Kyle Tarr, with no resolution.   Tarr responded by explaining that the neighbor she is referring to has been issued a number of citations and ignores them, not paying the fine or meeting deadlines to clear the property. He also said there are legal issues that may have to be taken to a higher court. After a lengthy discussion, the resident was asked to attend an Ordinance Committee meeting to discuss and develop a plan with committee members. Village resident/property-owner Jim Lyles attended the meeting, asking the village to clear out vegetation on Twin Pines Drive. Lyles plans to build on his property located on the road but is having difficulty accessing his property. After discussion, the board agreed to get bids to clear off the road and, in the future, will get bids to gravel or pave the road.

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