Waushara County accident report

6/09/18: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 4:19 am on USH 51/IH39 northbound. Holli Halfmann, 22, Fitchburg, fell asleep, left roadway, and ran into weigh station sign post. The post broke off shattering the windshield glass into the cabin of the vehicle. 6/11/18: A two-vehicle accident occurred at 10:05 am on STH 21 westbound, Town of Richford. Donna Wilson, 69, Menasha was traveling westbound on State Road 21. Julee Christman-Kratz, 41, Wautoma, was traveling westbound on State Road 21 in front of Wilson. Christman-Kratz applied the brakes and activated turn signal to slow down in anticipation of making a right hand turn to travel west on Cottonville Ave. As Christman-Kratz is approaching the intersection, Wilson did not observe their signal or that they were slowing down. Wilson drove into the rear end of Christman-Kratz, which caused Christman-Kratz to spin around the intersection, knocking over a stop sign before coming to rest. Wilson pulled to the side of the road just south of the intersection and stopped. 6/12/18: A one-vehicle accident occurred at 2:10 pm at the intersection on Beachnut Dr. at 13th Ave, Town of Deerfield. Joseph Heiling, 29, Montello, was traveling eastbound on 13th Ave and did not see a stop sign, as it was partially obstructed by tree foliage. Heiling then hit the brakes, causing them to lock up. Heiling skidded through the intersection, striking a tree at the wood line within the ditch. The trailer Heiling was hauling jack knifed and struck Heiling’s vehicle in the rear.  Heiling sustained damage to all portions of the vehicle, and the trailer was rendered as inoperable.