Jenny Jungwirth, Carol Busse, Jeanette Foster, and Donnie Manthei perform comical “Disciples Stew” skit

Calvary Lutheran, Princeton hosts LWML Spring Rally

“Disciples Stew?” The Ladies of Calvary gave a comical skit emphasizing that everyone needs to be disciples too. By adding a few seasonings like preaching the good news, praying for each other, teaching the truth, having strength, encouragement, and faith, we all can be the best disciples. District President, Barbara Kaun, talked about the LWML Convention in June and the need for more delegates. The guest speaker was Chaplin Willis from the Federal Correction Institute in Oxford. He gave his explanation of the job description between being a Chaplin and being a Congregational Pastor. The ingathering was for Chaplain Willis to use in his position at the correctional facility. There was a total of 144 “Free on the Inside” books, which he uses with the inmates, and 50 of the “Peacemaker” bible for the families and guards. Donations were gathered through a door offering at Zone 13 churches, used to purchase the books prior to the Rally.   Upcoming events are the State Convention June 22-23 in Milwaukee and the Fall Retreat September 20-22 in Oshkosh.