ThedaCare Medical Center-Wild Rose achieves increased tissue donations

ThedaCare Medical Cen-ter-Wild Rose increased its tissue donation percentage in 2017, receiving an award from the American Tissue Services Foundation (ATSF) for its efforts. With four donors providing tissue to the ATSF, the hospital achieved a 66.67 percent conversion rate. The tissue from those four donors is estimated to have helped more than 300 other patients throughout the country. Gifts of tissue—which includes bone, skin, heart valves, connective tissue, and veins—are used in more than one million surgeries performed each year in the United States. On average, one tissue donor can help 75 to100 people. “More people are eligible to be tissue donors than they are organ donors,” said Jeanette Potts, MS, CT, ATSF education and development manager. Organ donation usually takes place when brain death has occurred, and transplants must be performed within a short time afterward. Tissue can be recovered within 12 to 24 hours of death and preserved for later use. “Typically, people have more awareness of organ donations than they do the opportunity to donate tissue. Educating people about the value of tissue donation is important, and I applaud the team for its efforts,” Potts added. “Because of the efforts of the team at ThedaCare Medical Center-Wild Rose, many more peoples’ lives will be improved. “We are very happy our efforts to increase awareness of the importance and value of tissue donations have been effective and have resulted in more donations,” said Dawn Shuman, director of nursing at ThedaCare Medical Center-Wild Rose. “Tissue donations can help people right here in our own community or anywhere in the country. That’s certainly consistent with the mission of ThedaCare to improve the health of the communities we serve.” ThedaCare hospitals in Berlin, Waupaca, New London, Neenah and Appleton were also honored.