Poy Sippi Library Director meets with Dining Center

Poy Sippi Library Director, Jeanne Williamson, met with the participants of the Poy Sippi Dining Center on May 24 to share a delicious meal and talk about upcoming programs at the library. Marilyn Deppe, Sandy Anderson, Sandy Kettlewell, John Trochinski, Harold Nigbor, Shirley Goeffroy, Louis Nehring, Flo Brown, Doris Sattler, Eugene Sattler, Director Jeanne Williamson, and the Meal Site Manager Lonnie Selthofer expressed excitement of what’s been happening at the Poy Sippi library. Ideas were shared on what they saw as the future of the library and possible volunteer opportunities. For more information regarding the library, call 920-987-5737 or visit their website at www.poysippillibrary.org. For additional information regarding the dining center activities, locations and hours, contact the Department of Aging at 920-787-0403.