Mother’s Day a time to reflect on what Moms do

Mother’s Day became a traditional holiday established in the early 1900s as a day to express love and gratitude to mothers. Mothers have a special bond with their children that is earned and developed through dedication and devotion to their children. Motherhood is a privilege, but it is also a tremendous responsibility as well as an opportunity to build a healthy foundation for a child’s life. The act of giving birth is not what makes someone a mother. Nurturing and raising a child is what makes a mother. Obviously, a mother does not have to be genetically linked to a child to be a caring effective mother.   Humans are born totally dependent on their caregiver. Some people focus on the sacrifices a mother makes to raise a child. Babies are demanding and mothers need to be willing to make sacrifices to raise a baby. They will sacrifice sleep and time they would have had to do things they wanted to do. They will also sacrifice money that is required to buy food and supplies.  Sometimes it may mean sacrificing a career and potential income. A committed mother naturally makes sacrifices for her children, but there are rewards for the sacrifices that make it worthwhile.

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