Be safe on the water during boating season

Take Boater Safety Class, Learn to Swim, Check Boat Equipment

While growing up near the Wolf River and many lakes in Waupaca and surrounding counties, I’ve been involved in boating activities on these and many other waterways in and outside of Wisconsin. As with many of you, powerboating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, rafting, water skiing and tubing have always been a part of my life. To go along with these activities come maintenance and a lot of responsibility. I’ve had the experience of using various boats and trailers for over 45 years. While working in a law enforcement capacity, I’ve been involved in educating boaters, enforcement of boating laws, and search and rescue for 30 years. I’ve instructed Wisconsin Boater Safety Courses for 20 years, certifying over 900 safe boaters. Take a Boater Safety Course Boater Safety Courses teach individuals navigation rules, laws, ethics, personal safety and the proper use of boats and equipment to help them become safe and courteous boaters. 

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