Waushara County reports felonies

*Clifford P. Bergemann, Redgranite, was in court on 4/19/18 for two counts, obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct. He was sentenced to: COUNT 1-9 months WCJ, with Huber and Good Time Credit. Credit for 147 days time served. COUNT 2- 90 days WCJ, with Huber and Good Time Credit. Concurrent to Count 1. Credit for 147 days time served. Court accepts motion of the State to amend count 1. Plea: No Contest to Count 1 & No Contest to Count 2. Court accepts plea and enters JOC. Court sentences the defendant to: SWD and places on probation for a period of 18 months. CONDITIONS: CT 1 ONLY- 36 days WCJ with credit for 36 days served. CONDITIONS ON EACH COUNT: AODA and follow through, Maintain absolute sobriety, may not be present upon the premises of any bars, and is prohibited from possessing/ingesting any impairing substances that have not been prescribed by a physician. Not to possess any dangerous weapons including but not limited to firearms. DNA Sample and Surcharge ordered by the Court. *Eugene E. Volk, Waupaca, appreared in court on for an initial appearance on 4/19/18, on two felony counts, OWI (11th Offense) and Operating with PAC (11th).  Defendant waived time limits for preliminary hearing.  Status conference scheduled for May 21. *Robert J. Szewczyk, Madison, appeared in court on 4/19/18 for charges stemming from an arrest on 10/2/17 including four counts, Possession of THC (2nd+ Offense); Possess Drug Paraphernalia; Resisting or Obstructing an Officer, and Operating While Revoked (1st offense).  A bench warrant was issued on 4/19/18.  A Voluntary appearance for a hearing is set for May 3.

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