Hancock Board hears report regarding property issues

The Hancock Village Board met in regular session, Monday, April 9, and board member Sue Dietz presented the unofficial findings of a survey she conducted in the Village about properties that are abandoned, owing back taxes, decaying, or a combination of all three.

Twenty-four properties were identified, with an average tax owed from $5,000 to $7,000. The Village has no structure in place to take over these locations, but the State of Wisconsin regulations allow for action to be taken after ten years of missed taxes have accrued. Dietz also reported she was seeking outside help in resolving the problem but did not name the source of that help.

There are five vacant properties just in the downtown business district,” she said. “With the renovation of Main Street going on, how will it look with these properties just sitting there, decaying.”

Many of the properties are in an advanced state of disrepair, and many need to be demolished. According to Dietz’s outside source, if the Village can get two licensed building contractors to come in and inspect the properties, then the Village could move forward with action. The contractors would have to have built a complete structure in the last year and be certified by the State to qualify for the inspection. Dietz promised further information to the Board as it came in.

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