Tracy and Kimball Soda, Soda’s Farm Market, at N 4459 Hwy. 73, Princeton will be speaking at the Diabetes Health Fair at City Inn on April 24 from 5:30 to 6:30.  Their presentation will include the benefits of healthy eating and ways to prepare food.  They will also touch on food preservation. The public is invited and there is no charge for this event

Diabetes Health Fair in Berlin gives insight into Improving Your Health

On Tuesday, April 24 at the City Inn, Berlin, ThedaCare Medical Center will host the 11th annual Diabetes Health Fair at the City Inn, Berlin.  The event will consist of  over 30 vendors. Resources and information will also be provided by ThedaCare. This years free event will be from 4 to 6:30 p.m. and the public is encouraged to attend.

A special feature this year will be a presentation from Kimball and Tracy Soda, owners of Soda’s Farm Market, Hwy. 73, Princeton.  The Soda’s will present “Gardening and Diabetes” and explain healthy eating and making the most of the produce season.  Tracy is a retired public health nurse and she is passionate about healthy food and the benefits.  She also adds that buying in season it is economical.  Kimball and Tracy will speak on the benefits of fresh produce and how to preserve it including freezing and canning.  

Kimball said they have had Soda’s Farm Market for the past 31 years and they have 45 acres into produce and they sell it at their farm market throughout the season seven days a week.  They work to promote healthy eating and they also stock their own honey and local cheeses at their market.

The produce industry has changed and Kimball said in the 1960’s nearly everyone had a garden to provide food for their family.  Today that is not true and most buy from markets and sad to say many use processed and easy to prepare foods.  Years ago the number 1 vegetable sold by the Farm Market was sweet corn, but today he says it is tomatoes.  The Heirloom and Grape tomatoes are some of the favorites.  He also said that it used to be head lettuce and Romaine, but today it is baby lettuce and arugula.  Today’s shopper wants the easy to prepare and easy to serve. 

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