City of Wautoma plans citywide yard cleanup

Several unsightly prop-erties in the City of Wautoma prompted Mayor John Nixon, the council, and the city police department to take action at the regular meeting of the Wautoma Common Council held at City Hall on April 9.  The cleanup will begin with letters being sent to approximately 100 city property owners with details on a dumpster at the City Hall site and what can be disposed of in the dumpsters.

The city believes providing dumpsters will give residents a chance to dispose of their items at convenient times and there will avoid excuses about not being able to get to a landfill site.  The properties will be identified and letters mailed out.  Many of the properties on the list are rental properties, but the property owner is responsible for the yard cleanup.  The property owners will have 10 days to comply and if not compliant in that time a citation will be issued.

Mayor Nixon says that they are using forms similar to the Villages of Coloma and Wild Rose that do yard cleanups.  

Chief Paul Weiss said this includes vehicles. “The vehicles even though licensed and registered need to be road worthy,” Chief Weiss said. He and his officers will ask the vehicles in question to be driven on the roadway.  If they have flat tires, don’t run, etc. they do not meet the ordinance of the city and they will have to be removed.

Also on the same subject, the old nursing home structure on Waupaca Street was addressed.  There have been numerous complaints about it and windows are broken and it is in need of repair.  It was noted that the owner is keeping up on the property taxes.  The council will look into the complaints and address it at a future meeting.

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