Wisconsin DMVs ready to provide identification for election day


With less than one month left until the November General Election, the Wis-consin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is ready to provide identification needed to vote by expanding online services and bolstering locations.

Most people already have a driver license or ID card, or other form of acceptable identification, to show at the polls. There is no separate “voter ID.” A federally-compliant REAL ID card, which has a star in the right-hand corner, is not required for voting purposes. Expired driver licenses or ID are still valid to vote only if they expired after Nov. 6, 2018.

According to the Wis-consin Elections Commission website, bringit.wi.gov, other forms of acceptable IDs include:

Military ID card issued by a U.S. uniformed service

A U.S. passport

An identification card issued by a federally-recognized Indian tribe in Wisconsin

DMV has extensive online resources to handle many identification needs and a visit to a DMV is not necessary. Among the many online resources include:


Online driver license or ID renewal. Most people under age 65 who are qualified can renew online (wisconsindmv.gov/renewDL). Driver licenses and IDs can be renewed up to one year ahead of the expiration date.

Replacement for lost driver licenses or ID cards can be ordered online at wisconsindmv.gov/renewDL

Online address update – with the option to order a new driver license or ID card with updated address

Driver license status check: wisconsindmv.gov/status

Those who do not currently have a driver license or ID card may obtain identification, free of charge, that is valid for voting even if the documents that are required to get a regular Wisconsin ID are unavailable.

Bring the following documents, if available, to the DMV:

Proof of Name and Date of Birth (such as Birth Certificate)

Proof of Identity (Social Security Card, Medicaid/Medicare Card, etc.)

Wisconsin Residency (Utility bill, government mail, lease, etc.)

Proof of U.S. Citizenship (U.S. Birth certificate or citizenship paperwork)

Social Security Number

If all or any of these are unavailable, getting an ID for voting is still an option through the ID Petition Process. Bring all the documents available to the DMV and fill out two forms (Wisconsin Identification Card application MV3004, and DMV Administration Petition – Unavailable Documentation MV3012). These forms plus a photo will be used by DMV to verify required documentation. This process, available free of charge, can be used to quickly obtain a receipt valid to take to the polls for voting, although casting a provisional ballot may be necessary.


A detailed list of the required documents to bring to a DMV is available at wisconsindmv.gov.