Redgranite Library expands Wi-Fi access outside their building


In a response to the challenges of COVID-19, Redgranite library has recently expanded its Wi-Fi access to extend the range outside of the library building. The new upgrade will help keep the community connected to the internet even when entrance to the building is limited.

“We are excited to be able to expand Wi-Fi access to our patrons and members of the community,” said Deb Sadowski, Director of Redgranite Library. “This will allow students and families to safely connect to the internet from their cars and stay socially distant from others during this time.”

The newly installed Wi-Fi access points were provided to the library in part by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and facilitated by the Winnefox Library System.


“During a time when families and students must navigate the challenges of virtual or hybrid learning and may not have access to the internet this can help meet those needs in this difficult time,” said Director Sadowski. “The internet is a very important tool to staying connected during this time and it is crucial that we are able to offer this free service to our patrons.”