Marilyn Brockopp in her music studio playing one of her favorite pieces on the piano.

Woman purchases a home filled with love...

Opens a B&B, works to build and contribute to the Neshkoro Enhancement, and shares her love of God through her musical talents

What is in a name? What is in the small town of Neshkoro, population a little over 400? That would be Marilyn Brockopp who had grown up in Neshkoro in her parent’s home that overlooked the Neshkoro Millpond. Marilyn’s parents, Clarence and Emma Rhode, had this quaint home in the village purchased in 1926. Clarence was a mailman and Emma was very active in Zion Lutheran Church.

Marilyn and her sister, Dolores, shared the home with their parents until they went off to college. She went to Westfield High School, got her bachelor’s in music from UW-Madison, and went on to get her Masters in Music in 1962-63 from Indiana University.

Like children often do, they move away and build their lives elsewhere. This was true for Marilyn as she married and moved out to Orchard Park, NY. The marriage failed and she was left to raise three children on her own and in 1976 she moved to Valparaiso, IL. This was closer to her family and also felt more like home.

During the time raising her children she worked in music education and her talents were recognized by many accolades she received throughout the years. But to her most important was her family and her faith. She is proud of her children that are now parents with children of their own, she thanks God for the blessings she has received along the way and doesn’t dwell on the negative, because she believes God has a plan.

Indeed He had a plan for Marilyn and in 1996 she moved to Fond du Lac to be closer to her Mom who was in a nursing home in Berlin. At this time she taught music education at Marian College and every weekend would come to Berlin to visit her Mom. In 1998 at the age of 96, her mother passed away. In 2001 Marilyn retired from Marian College and for this beautiful lady, purchasing her parents home was the beginning of a dream she had of being an innkeeper.

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