The Wautoma Fire Department successfully completed the controlled burn of the Wautoma Millpond on March 13. Dry early spring conditions mandated this early March burn. Stage three, the refill, will be coming shortly -- avoiding early spring re-growth.

Wautoma Fire Department begins Millpond Project

On March 13, the Wautoma Fire District began the second phase of the millpond project. The plan entails nine construction components: pond basin burn, weed management, water refill, historic smoke house repair, World War II parking lot expansion, pier relocation, kayak/canoe entrance, viewing park development and fish restocking.

The refill must be completed soon to control weed growth, which is the most important component of the restoration project. This was of no cost to the city. 

The plan was derived from a two-year study of nine central Wisconsin pond restoration projects. All nine chose to restore their impoundments through community pride and a desire to preserve their heritage, history and enhance their downtown.

The cost of these projects varied from $10,000 to $1 million with budget/tax dollars most often used. Wautoma’s pond restoration is being financed by a $28,000 community development gift, independent of tax and 2015 budget.

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