Waushara & Green Lake Sheriff’s Departments lose phone service April 5-6

On Thursday afternoon, April 5, the Waushara County 911 Center lost all regular phone and 911 phone service, which was the same service disruption that affected several other 911 Centers in the region.

The Waushara County 911 Center was not able receive or call out on the regular (920) 787-3321 number or receive 911 calls, stated Waushara County Sheriff Jeff Nett in a release. The Green Lake Sheriff’s Office 911 Center is the designed back up for Waushara County but Green Lake was also affected by the same service outage.

Waushara County Sheriff’s Department contacted CenturyLink, the phone provider, and they determined the problem was a damaged cable owned by AT&T in the City of Oshkosh. Repairs to the fiber optic cable started at about 9:30 p.m. and the service was restored in Waushara County by about 6:30 a.m. on Friday, April 6.

Waushara County Sheriff’s Office contacted the surrounding counties and asked for assistance from the Portage County Sheriff’s Office and the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office. Those two offices agreed to take calls and forward the information to the Waushara County Center.

Waushara County also used the Code Red program to try to get information out to the public. Code Red uses both landline phone and cell phone numbers to get out to the public. The system shows about 35 percent of the numbers were given a message. Word was also spread by social media and the news media.

During this time of, the only major reported incident reported in Waushara County during the phone outrage was a vehicle/power pole crash on State Road 73 and County YY at about 8:53 p.m. The crash caused caused a power outage for the area between Wautoma and Neshkoro.

The Waushara County 911 Center is up and running 100 percent at this time.