Waushara County property taxes increase 0.1 percent

In its most recent newsletter, the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance released figures for total property tax collections by Wisconsin’s 72 counties for 2016 and 2017. Waushara County is listed as third best for holding the line on property taxes with an increase in 2017 of only one tenth of one percent (.1%). For perspective, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the inflation rate, or Consumer Price Index, for the year preceding December 2017 at 2.2 percent.

“We appreciate the report from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance as it lets us know how we are doing in making good use of hard earned tax dollars. The fact this county government continues to offer quality services at almost a zero increase in tax revenue is not magic but due to a team effort,” Waushara County Administrator Bob Sivick said.

“We are lucky to have leaders on the County Board setting sound policy and creating and maintaining a culture of fiscal responsibility. Secondly, we have outstanding Department Directors and managers who are committed to best practices insuring top notch services without burdensome taxation,” he added. “This battle is won every day by our outstanding employees who are themselves taxpayers and understand the importance of serving the people of Waushara County with an eye on the bottom line.”

Founded in 1932, the non-partisan Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance is the State’s oldest private government research organization. The full report is available at http://wistax.org/publication/property-taxes-2017-18-county-levies-state...

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