Waushara County 4-H youth ready for this week’s fair

embers are busy putting the final touches on their projects, leading their animals and getting ready to work in the 4-H food stand at the Waushara County Fair held Aug. 13-16 in Wautoma. The county fair is one of the culminating events of the 4-H year for over 300 4-H members in Waushara County. 

Prior to the fair there has been nine months of planning, organizing, developing, experimenting and perfecting their skills. An iceberg can be a great analogy of the 4-H year.  The majority of learning, like the majority of the iceberg, is unseen by the observer and is critical to the project presented by our 4-H members at the county fair. 

The four Hs in the 4-H pledge help us to understand the member’s journey to a successful county fair experience:

The first H is for Head. The 4-H member uses their head to learn new information and to apply that to a project they have chosen to complete in 4-H. It might be how to produce a more muscular animal or to grow the best quality tomato possible. It might be how to capture the best shot when taking photos on the family’s summer vacation.  

The second H in the pledge is Heart. 4-H members put their heart and soul into creating their projects. They strive to showcase their best work.  It may mean the family had to sample three different batches of cookies or brownies to get the best cookies. Our members take pride in their accomplishments – be it a blue, first place, or a pink, fourth place, ribbon.

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