Members of the Governor’s Council on Migrant Labor listened to testimony on the need for additional safe, affordable housing for seasonal agricultural workers during the annual public hearing held at the Aurora Housing Center in Berlin on Aug. 6.  Pictured are: Lupe Martinez, interim Chair of the Governor’s Council on Migrant Labor, President/CEO, UMOS; State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa and Dr. Enrique Figueroa.

UMOS hosts annual farmworker appreciation day and public hearing

The annual United Mi-grant Opportunity Services Farmworker Appreciation Day Picnic saw 350 to 400 guests in attendance on Aug. 6 at the Aurora Housing Center in Berlin.

The free event included corn on the cob, hot dogs, rice and beans with beef, informational exhibits, music and children’s games.

Every year 3,000 to 4,000 individuals and families migrate to Wisconsin, mainly from Texas and Florida, to supplement the agricultural workforce, food processing, meat packing, tobacco, lawn care, and other industries, including dairy.

“Agricultural workers are vital to Wisconsin’s workforce and the state’s economy,” said Lupe Martinez, president and CEO, UMOS, and interim chairman of the Governor’s Council on Migrant Labor. “The picnic is just one small way we show appreciation to those that help put food on our tables.”

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