Waushara County Sheriff Jeff Nett presented Deputy Scott Eagan and Communication Officer Kaitlin Nett with the Life Saving Awards during the Waushara County Board of Supervisors regular meeting on Sept. 19. The Life Saving Award was implemented by the Sheriff’s Department to recognize deputies for outstanding job performance. This is Deputy Eagan’s second Sheriff’s Department Life Saving Award.

Nett and Eagan honored with Sheriff’s Department Life Saving Awards

Waushara County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Scott Eagan and Communications Officer Kaitlin Nett were honored with Life Saving Awards during a presentation by Waushara County Sheriff Jeff Nett during the Board of Supervisors regular meeting on Sept. 19.

Sheriff Jeff Nett recalled the incident to the board stating: on June 24 at 5:32 p.m. Communication Officer Nett was working when she received a 911 call from a female caller who stated her husband was down and not breathing. The location was in the Town of Mt. Morris where Communication Kaitlin Nett sent EMS, Fire and Rescue. Two deputies, Deputy Scott Eagan and Sergeant Brian Wenzel, also responded after hearing the call go out.

While on the phone with the caller, Kaitlin Nett followed the Emergency Medical Dispatch procedures and provide directions to the caller.

Eagan was the first to arrive on the scene where he found the female doing chest compression on a male lying on the ground. The female was the caller and was following the directions provided by Kaitlin Nett.

Eagan took his AED from his squad and found the victim showed no signs of breathing and there was no pulse. The deputies repositioned the victim and Eagan began to attach the AED, which advised not to shock but to do chest compressions.

After starting chest compressions, the victim began to respond by groaning and gasping for air. A pulse was located and by now the EMS arrived, took over and met with a helicopter that flew the victim to Appleton.

“This is an example of the 911 system working as designed and the value of Emergency Medical Dispatching,” Sheriff Jeff Nett said. “Again, an example of the staff doing their job at a very high standard.”

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