In a moment of darkness a new charitable foundation to bring hope to many people

Sometimes in the moments of our greatest darkness blossoms the most beautiful gift of all. Sometimes you have to take all of the negative and turn it into something positive, giving you a quick glimpse of unimaginable hope that believes the best is yet to come.

On Feb. 2, 2017 my family suffered two great losses when both of my parents, Steven and Marge Minksy passed away. Our mother who was suffering from advanced stages of breast cancer passed away that evening at ThedaCare in Appleton. Three short hours later, I would find and learn that my father passed away of a massive heart attack. In shock, our family attempted to grasp the reality of what had just had happened. Our story was one of great loss, one that almost seemed unimaginable.

In the months following their death, I continued to search for the answers to understand how both of my parents could pass together on the same day. It seemed unfair but with the guidance, love and support of family and friends and many in the community, I started to find hope in realizing that perhaps they had the greatest love story of all and the most amazing journey that married couples can hope for.

Following their death a good friend had sent me a message reminding me that although losing my parents so sudden was tragic to me, I must remember the real beauty of my parent’s life, and learn to love and accept that perhaps it was one great love story. My friend reminded me that although tough to understand, my parents end of life on this earth was one of the greatest love stories of all.

As the time passed and our hearts started to make peace with the loss of our loved ones, I still had the desire to keep my parents memory alive and find a way that I could turn my loss into a way to help others.

My parents were simple people, raising my two sisters and I just west of Berlin. They loved to be in the great outdoors, enjoyed 50’s and 60’s music and were quietly generous people by giving in simple ways. In their loss and with the help of the right people a charitable organization, Unimaginable Hope; Moments of Kindness Shared has been developed. Like my parents, Unimaginable Hope will kindly support and fund individuals, organizations, clubs and projects in Green Lake and Waushara Counties. Whether it is a scholarship to a deserving student, a gift card for the neighbor who always helps, a massage for a dedicated volunteer or funds to support a project that is a bit short, Unimaginable Hope would remind those deserving that there is hope in everything that they do.

The mission behind Unimaginable Hope will be to grant random acts of kindness while meeting or fulfilling the needs in our local communities. Moments of kindness shared big or small will be a vital part of the work that Unimaginable Hope does. Unimaginable Hope will distribute funds and resources to assist, ensure and provide hope. The charitable work of the organization will give in non-bias ways without restriction to meet the needs of many, through the contribution it gives. Strictly charitable goals will allow Unimaginable Hope to give in simply deserving ways, just as my parents did.

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