Following the crowning of Lily Rose Patryce Erdman, Almond, as the U.S. Polka Association Princess, both of Lily Rose’s brothers, Lance, 13, and Logan, 7, congratulated her with a kiss.

Lily Rose Erdman named U.S. Polka Assoc. Princess

Lily Rose Patryce Erdman, 11, a 5th grade student at Wild Rose Elementary was named the 2015-16 Miss USPA Polka Princess on Saturday, May 23, 2015 at the United States Polka Association Convention, Cleveland, OH.    

A vibrant young lady with an appreciation for her Polish heritage and a passion for the polka, Lily Rose has stolen the hearts of many dancing the Polish Hop and smiling every step of the way. Lily Rose began dancing by the age of three and has no plans to stop dancing the polka.

The 2015-16 Miss USPA Polka Princess is the daughter of Paul and Sabrina Erdman, Almond, her grandparents include: Larry and Patricia Tullberg, Almond and Allan and Vera Erdman, Plainfield and her great-grandparents, Ray and Rosemary Warzynski, Almond and Elaine Krause, Iola.

Paul and Sabrina have passed their passion for polka music to their children including their only daughter, Lily Rose, Lance, 13, and Logan, 7.  This polka family goes polka dancing nearly every weekend supporting and promoting events throughout the United States.  

The question presented to Lily Rose at the pageant was: Other than your parents, who is  the most important person in your life and why? She answered, “my great-grandpa, Ray Warzynski, 86,  because he continues to teach me all about being Polish. He has inspired me to love my heritage and to learn more about the language and, of course, the dancing.”  Lily Rose was honored to have him present her at the pageant in Ohio.

As reigning Princess, Lily Rose has plans to attend festivals throughout the United States to promote polka music and encourage youth to get excited about polka music.  Lily Rose says, “Young people are the future of polka music. It is fun, great exercise, and  a great opportunity to connect with our grandparents.  Polka music brings young and old and all ages in between together!”

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