Learn to prepare your health care directive on April 16

In recognition of National Health Care Decisions Day on April 16, Jennifer Koeppl, of Koeppl Law Offices in Wild Rose, will be hosting an event to assist individuals in completing their Health Care Power of Attorney form. 

Many do not realize that in Wisconsin, next of kin does not have legal authority to make health care decisions for loved ones in the event of an incapacity or inability to communicate.   Many individuals and family members find this out when it is too late and there is a current crisis with a loved one, whether it be an aging parent or an adult child. Ellen Goodman of The Conversation Project described this situation best, “It’s always too soon… until it’s too late.”

Koeppl will be conducting an interactive presentation from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. on April 16 at the Wild Rose Community Center, adjacent to the Patterson Memorial Library, during which she will go through the Wisconsin Health Care Power of Attorney form to answer questions and assist attendees with completion of the Health Care Power of Attorney form.  

Koeppl stated that during her over 20 years of practice as an attorney, she cringes every time she gets a call from a family who has to go to Court for legal guardianship of a loved one. “In most circumstances, guardianships could be avoided if individuals had valid Health Care and other powers of attorney in place,” she explained. 

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