Judge Guy Dutcher named Associate Dean of the Wisconsin Judicial College

This past week Waushara County Circuit Court Judge Guy Dutcher was named by the Wisconsin Supreme Court to serve as Associate Dean at the Wisconsin Judicial College. Judge Dutcher is one of six judges in the state to serve in this capacity and they meet quarterly to coordinate curriculum for the intensive week long boot camp that everyone of the 249 judges in the state must take at least once every six years.

Judge Dutcher had already been teaching at the Judicial College and will continue to teach and he is also an advisory support for Court of Appeals Judge Lisa Stark, the Dean of Judicial College Court of Appeals. Judge Stark, a Dean of the College since 2010, said that Judge Dutcher has taught at the Judicial College for about eight years. “He does a sentencing exercise where colleagues give him close to a 100 percent “excellent” rating and he does a wonderful job, he is well respected among associates,” Judge Stark said.

She added being an Associate Dean is a mentoring role for new judges and a great resource. “Judge Dutcher is highly respected, capable, and a great role model,” Judge Stark said. Being a sole judge in a county gives him a perspective that he can relate to different pressures and he has to wear all hats and has to be available 24/7. These pressures are a helpful teaching tool.

To be an Associate Dean, the Supreme Court looks for judges that are highly respected and effective presenters. This years Wisconsin Judicial College will be held in Door County and is limited to 50 judges as the week is intense with interactive participation. Judge Dutcher gives about a 45 introduction just on the law, then judges are led through a series of interactive sentencing exercises, so it is best to keep the numbers small. All new judges attend the College their first year. Experienced judges, who must attend the College to complete their education requirements, make up the balance of the attendees.

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