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John Knudtson guilty on drug charges

John Knudtson, 41, Wautoma, appeared in front of Waushara County Circuit Court Judge Guy Dutcher with his attorney Kirk William Everson on May 21 for a plea/sentencing hearing. Knudtson faces multiple drug charges after a search warrant was executed at his residence, 242 Mt. Morris Avenue, Wautoma, on Jan. 16. Waushara County District Attorney Scott Blader appeared for the State of Wisconsin. 


According to the criminal complaint the Waushara County Sheriff’s Office, Central Wisconsin Drug Task Force, Wautoma Police Department, and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) executed the search warrant.

While searching the residence, law enforcement found 30 items of drug paraphernalia and about 220 grams of marijuana as well as suspected grow rooms, with a total of 21 marijuana plants with root systems attached.

In the basement, law enforcement found three grow rooms surrounded by plastic. Inside the first room, authorities found live suspected Marijuana plants growing in a “hydroponic type grow system”, which included a thermostat, grow lights, and buckets with hoses coming from them. 

The marijuana plants in the first grow room were approximately 14-18 inches tall not including the root system. In the second grow tent, law enforcement found marijuana plants inside buckets that were about 2-3 feet tall without the root system and had “obvious marijuana buds.” A grow light and an air filtration system were also found inside the tent.

The final room authorities found marijuana plants ranging in size from about 1 ft. to 3 ft. and harvested marijuana plants hanging from the ceiling. 

John Knudtson along with Marie Knudtson were arrested on felony and misdemeanor drug charges and transported to the Waushara County Jail. John Knudtson was formally charged with Manufacture/Deliver THC (>200-1,000g), Possession Drug Paraphernalia, Maintain Drug Trafficking Place, Possession of THC (2nd + Offense), and Possession of THC (2nd + Offense) at his initial appearance on Feb. 10.

John Knudtson was found guilty by a no contest plea for Manufacture/Deliver THC (>200-1,000g) and Possession Drug Paraphernalia.

In his sentencing, Judge Dutcher entered a judgment of conviction and dismissed but read in Maintain Drug Trafficking Place, Possession of THC (2nd + Offense) and Possession of THC (2nd + Offense).

John Knudtson received sentence-withheld probation for 3 years; conditions for Manufacture/Deliver THC (>200-1,000g) include: 5 months in Waushara County Jail, Huber privileges, good time credit, 4 days credit for time served to begin no later than June 23. 

The conditions on both counts include that he must maintain absolute sobriety, may not be present upon the premises of any bars, and is prohibited from possessing/ingesting any impairing substances that have not been prescribed by a physician as well as AODA and follow through and costs to be paid within 60 days or payment plan.