Focus 2025: Wautoma Area Schools Energy Conservation Upgrades

In April of 2016 the Wautoma Area School District met with just over 100 members of our District community. The purpose of this community meeting was to ask what the community would like to see from our schools in the next 20 years. The three day conversation resulted in five strategic priorities.

1. Business and Community Involvement through Internships, Job Shadowing, and Mentorships – Objective: Improve students’ career awareness as well as promote community partnerships that are beneficial to both parties.

2. Develop Marketing of the District and Community Through Branding – Objective: Improve student enrollment trends by promoting what the community and schools do well.

3. Improve Work and People Skills – Objective: Develop 4K-12th Grade Character/Career/Work/People Skills Action Plan.

4. Develop Parental Contracts Promoting School Involvement – Objective: Increase Parental Belonging in the School Setting.

5. Build Productive Relationships with the Medical Field – Objective: Increase the support and open the lines of communication to support students with mental health issues.

What does all of this mean? What was the purpose? The Wautoma Area Schools Board of education and the administrative team realized that with limited financial resources, we could no longer be everything to everyone, so priorities in programing needed to be set. What better way to determined what we should be doing for kids than asking the people who live within our District boundaries. The entire purpose of this plan is to prepare all of our students for work and or further education, hopefully helping local employers fill needed positions and encouraging our young people to stay in the area.

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