Become a sleuth during Coloma Players Mystery Dinner on Oct. 29

The costume party-themed mystery dinner begins on Sunday, Oct. 29, at 2 p.m. at the Waushara-Wautoma Senior Center in Wautoma when the Coloma Players present “Murder Wears an Ugly Sweater”, an original mystery by Lauretta Kaplan.

The story begins with Scrooge and Marley, Inc., the leading manufacturer of ugly sweaters – their P.R. department is responsible for the ugly sweater party craze. While these are mostly holiday events, the company has sold ugly sweaters for many years. With plans in the works to expand the ugly clothing line to include garments from winter coats to beachwear, the future of the company has never looked more profitable.

Amid all these plans for expansion, Edna Scrooge wants to sell the entire business. Her partner, Robert Marley, is dead set against the sale. Also at the party are some of the firm’s officers and special guests. Everyone has a secret and as the events unfold we find out who knows what and how they plan to use the information. The big question is: who will resort to murder to keep those secrets and can they be stopped? As usual it is up to the audience to solve these mysteries by asking questions and following the clues to solve the murder, or two or three.

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