Pictured are 2014 team members: Jasmine Hanson, Karina Marchan, Gillian Jepson, Haley Stoll, Johanna Shepard, Monica Dickson, Noel Rasmussen, Bre Marchan, Ashley Caswell, Maya Dix, Mary Jenks, Kristen Jenks, Olivia Jenkinson, Kylee Weasner, Megan Dorsett, Ashley Schmidt, Manager Terrah Furnas, Coach Chris Bahr, and Coach Stephanie Williams.

Wild Rose Girls Track awarded 1st place in WTCA Power Ranking

The 2014 Wild Rose Girls Track and Field recently received 1st place in the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association (WTCA) Power Rankings. The power rankings is a method used to measure the depth and ability of a true track team with each performance assigned a point value. The final power ranking is an average of the team’s top 30 performances over the course of the season.