American Martial Arts Academy students test for Black Belt

On Saturday, June 3, students from American Martial Arts Academy trekked to Oneida to join the ranks of three other martial arts schools in one of the biggest belt promotions by the Midwest Association of Professional Martial Artists. Testing began with a 2 mile run, then the fitness test of 100 push ups and 100 sit ups. The students then took a written exam. The technical portion of the test went from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon culminating in the promotional ceremony. The test included: Forms, Sparring, Self Defense, Board Breaking, Advanced Kicking and Hand drills, and over Black Belt Leadership skills. Five students received special recognition for going over and above the standard requirements, or performed excellent leadership skills. Pictured are: (back row): Instructor Michael Nelson; Bryan Kerska (1st Degree Black Belt); Ashley Butler (2nd Degree Black Belt); Nate Severin (2nd Degree Black Belt); and Jeff Bintz (2nd Degree Black Belt); (middle row): Instructor Joanne Nelson; Logan Slusser (2nd Degree Black Belt); Grace Rangle (1st Degree Black Belt); Ryan Quella (Preliminary Test); Nevada Severin (2nd Degree Black Belt); and Instructor Patti Quella; (front row): Amelia Slusser (Preliminary Examination); Elle Rangle (1st Degree Black Belt); Brynn Skweres (1st Degree Black Belt); and Foster Skweres (Preliminary Examination). Not Pictured: Brianna Pfadenhauer (1st Degree Black Belt). Those receiving Black Belt Excellence Awards: Amelia Slusser, Ryan Quella, Brynn Skweres, Brianna Pfadenhauer and Foster Skweres. American Martial Arts Academy is located at 208 W. Main St., Wautoma.

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