People’s Choice Winner: William Dean, “Covered Bridge”

Rural Rembrandts announce art show results

The Rural Rembrandts held their 67th annual art show July 18-19 at the Waushara-Wautoma Senior Center. 

The two-day event showcased over 150 pieces of individual artwork entered by youth and adults in various categories and $1,100 in prizes were awarded. Also included in the exhibit, but not a part of the competition, was artwork produced by inmates of the Redgranite Correctional Institute. 

A raffle was held on 21 separate arts and crafts combinations for participants and guests to take their chances on winning. Prior to the raffle, the People’s Choice selection was awarded to William Dean for his painting “The Covered Bridge.” Dean is an oil painter and member of the club. 

Marie App, a well-known award-winning artist from the Stevens Point Area was the Judge.  Participating artists are from within and around the surrounding areas.

Cath Eckart, show chairman, and the Rural Rembrandt Art Club announced the winners of this year’s competition:

Adult Categories: 

•Best of Show: William Dean, oil painting, “The Queen”.  

•Watercolor: 1st place: Claire Warnke, “Industrial Site”; 2nd place: Joanne Wilson, “Pansy Explosion”; 3rd place: Jeanne Snowhook, “Oregon Coast”; Merit: Karin Livingood,  “See Things in the Leaves”; and Honorable Mention: Joan Cason, “Going Deep”.

•Acrylic/Oil: 1st place: Patsy Radtke, “Lily Pad Lake”; 2nd place: Rachel Pavlic, “On Our Trip to Europe”; 3rd place: Nancy Smith, “Sunflower in a Jar”; Merit: Joyce Tornow, “The Gathering”; Merit: Susan DeLain, “Last Day of October”’ and Honorable Mention: Kristina Hauk, “St Charles Bridge”.

•Other 2-D: 1st place: Kathy Teichmiller, “Dark Forest”; 2nd place: Pat Spear, Creation Myth”; 3rd place: Joan Cason, “All in a Summers Day”; Merit: Helen Reyes, “Cacti”; Merit:  Fred Behlendorf, “The Golden Years”; Merit: Nancy Smith, “Flowerama”; and Honorable Mention: Stephanie Walter, “Another Summer”.

•Photography: 1st place: Selma Glunn, “Sheep”; 2nd place: Roger Tornow, “Freedom Always in Style”; 3rd place: Verona Morgan, “Arches”; Merit: Yvonne Stefanski, “Petal Sail Away”; and Honorable Mention, Joyce Tornow, “Expecting Guests”.

•3-D: 1st place: Jeanne Snowbrook, “Garden Elves”; 2nd place: Claire Warnke, “Entangelment”; 3rd place: Ginny Jungwirth, “Framed”; and Honorable Mention: Marlene Smithers, “There’s a Chair in My...”

Youth Categories: 

•Best of Show: Gwen Eckart, “The Zoo”.

•5-8 year old group winners:  

•Watercolor: 1st place: Gigi Eckart, “The Mixup”;  2nd place: Macayla Moore, “Palm Trees by the Water”.

•3-D: 1st place: Gigi Eckart,  “Watermelon”; 2nd place: Gwen Eckart, “Peace”.

•Other 2-D: 1st place: Macayla Moore, “Mountain Trees, River Landscape”; 2nd place: Gigi Eckart, “The Tree”.

•12-17 year old winners:

•Acrylic/Oil: 1st place: Samatha Territo, “Fragile”.

•Other 2-D: 1st place: Diane Augustyn, “My Pony”

•3-D: 1st place: Corrinne Warnke, “Sculpture 1”