Proper skiing form can help you avoid injuries

For winter sports lovers, the snow and cold weather cannot come soon enough. However, hitting the slopes often includes strains, sprains, broken bones and concussions.

Poor technique, improper preparation, falls and ac-cidents, such as running into another person, cause the majority of injuries among skiers and snowboarders, said Krista Solarek, a physician assistant at ThedaCare Orthopedic Care in Berlin. 

Knee ligament injuries – the ACL and MCL – are the most common injury because of the rigid boots worn by skiers that keep their ankles from twisting, she said.

“Unfortunately, this trans-fers the twisting motion and a lot of the injuries up to the knee,” Solarek said. “The best way to prevent knee injuries is through safe technique. Avoid sharp turns, travel at a safe speed, especially on new slopes, and increase your quad strength prior to buckling up your boots for the season.”

Skier’s thumb is another common injury, which is caused when the ligament on the inside of the base of the thumb is pulled away when a ski pole catches the thumb and pulls it away from the hand during a fall, Solarek said.

“One way to avoid skier’s thumb is to not put your hands in the loops of the pole,” she said.

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