Dr. Horance Lo, Daniel Resop, MD and patient from Germany, Jutta Schwaner. Schwaner traveled to Berlin to have surgery at Theda Care-Berlin to repair an umbilical hernia.

Patient travels thousands of miles for surgery

Friend connects German woman with Horace Lo, MD

When Berlin, WI, resident Diana Krause visited her friend Jutta Schwaner in Germany last year, she was surprised to see the 55-year-old was bent over as she walked and in pain.

Schwaner had seen her doctor in Germany about her health issues, but was not happy with the answers provided. After talking with her, Krause had an idea: Schwaner should travel to ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin to see if a surgeon here could help her.

“When I heard her talking, I thought of Dr. (Horace) Lo and how he helped so many people,” said Krause, a former ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin employee.

Daniel Resop, MD, an anesthesiologist at ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin who traveled to Germany with Krause and her husband, also spoke to Schwaner about Dr. Lo being able to help. After talking with them, Schwaner felt comfortable making a trip to Berlin to meet Dr. Lo.

“Dr. Resop took me over to see Dr. Lo, who did an exam and told me how he could help,” she said. “My doctors in Germany could not seem to agree on a cause for the pain and seemed reluctant to do any surgery.”

Schwaner returned last month to Berlin for the surgery. On July 10, Dr. Lo performed a ventral and umbilical hernia repair with scar revision and abdominoplasty. He said scars from a previous surgery that did not heal correctly were causing Schwaner’s pain.

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