Father shares firsthand frightening experience in lawnmower accident

My son Tanner, 5, at the time of the accident, had always ridden with me while I mowed our lawn. Our lawn mower is a zero-turn mower with the deck below your feet. On Mon. Sept. 7, 2015 (Labor Day), Tanner was standing between my legs while we finished mowing the grass in our front yard down a small incline. For some unknown reason he jumped off the front of the mower. (He normally told me he wanted off and I would stop so he could.)

He tripped over the front cross member of the frame of the mower. As he was falling to the ground, I attempted to pull back on the controls to stop the mower while hitting the stop switch for the blade control. His right foot went under the deck of the mower with the blades still spinning. The blades ripped his shoe and sock off of his foot, and as he pulled his foot out from under the deck of the lawn mower, I could see much trauma done to his foot, which was profusely bleeding.

I yelled for my wife April as I jumped off of the mower and ran to get my emergency first responder medical bag out of my truck, which was parked about 30 feet away. April came running because she could hear Tanner’s screams and my daughter also screaming (Olivia was standing on the sidewalk by our house). I yelled for her to call 911. She called Marquette County 911 not yet knowing the full extent of what just happened.

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