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Success with New Year Change, Keep Your Goals within Range

The new year often comes with goals and plans for the next year.  Excitement and enthusiasm are helping you to make a fresh start.  You tell yourself, “This is the year!”  But as cold and snowy weather set in, we set back into our old ways and comfortable habits. 

How do we make a change and stick to it?  As you look back over the year there were probably many changes that took place: a different job, welcoming a new family member, a new house.  What about your health?  This year, be purposeful in improving your health by setting goals.

The American Psycho-logical Association gives these tips about goal setting:

• Pick a sensible goal. Come up with a goal that you know you can do.

•  Pick a small goal. Either one small or several small goals can lead you in the direction towards completing your overall goal.

• Make a small change. Write down a plan on how you can include a small change into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

• Make a slow change. Unhealthy habits develop over time so even the slightest change in your habits is still a step in the right direction.  Do not be discouraged if it takes you the whole year to complete a goal.  

Here are examples of free apps to help you keep track of your progress:

• Goal Meter: set goals, to do lists, and share with and invite friends for support

• Goal Tracker & Habit List: daily, weekly, monthly habits or goals, and schedule reminders,