Wautoma School Board approves funds for new bus

In a revision to the Wautoma Area School Board agenda for the Jan. 9 regular monthly meeting at Parkside Middle School, District Administrator Jeff Kasuboski announced the need for the board to approve $90,000 to purchase a new bus.

Following a discussion on where the financing for the bus would come from as well as why it was necessary, the board unanimously approved the funds to purchase the new bus. 

Kasuboski and Clyde Simonson, director of the Wautoma bus garage, advised the board of the need for a new bus following the engine issues with their first automatic spare. This particular spare bus, which is often used during the spring sports season, recently had its transmission rebuilt but is need a replacement engine. 

With the purchase of a new bus, an older model would be taken off the road and the engine could be placed in the spare. 

Kasuboski explained to the board he would find the financing and made the recommendation to the board to approve the funds. 

“We will conserve in another place – a few other places,” he said. “It’s to keep our kids safe.” 

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