Wautoma Common Council approves 2018 budget and property tax levy of $870,000 for the city

At their regular monthly meeting the members of the Wautoma Common Council approved the 2018 budget and the 2017 property tax levy of $870,000 for the city of Wautoma.  Tommy Bohler, City Administrator, explained that city property owners pay $10.98 per thousand of assessed valuation.  The city receives 43 percent, county 27 percent, school 28 percent and Fox Valley Technical College receives 4 percent.

Shawn P. Sullivan, Oper-ations Supervisor at the Wild Rose Fisheries Habitat Station, and Scott Bunde, Fisheries Management Tech-nician, addressed the council concerning a project the
De-partment of Natural Resources has mapped out for a Bird Creek Project.  Sullivan said, “Bird Creek is a rare resource, a beautiful trout stream, and located behind a school.”  With this project it would promote tourism and provide opportunity for kids, he added. 

The project includes removing exotic invasive species, namely Buckhorn and honeysuckle, cutting it and chipping it.  The plan also includes developing trails and planting trees and shrubs along the stream.  

The funding will come from conservation through Trout Stamps and other resources; it will be of not cost to the city.

Following the presentation, Mayor John Nixon, asked about the other trout stream in the city that needs attention, the White River.  The Mayor said that the deadfalls are getting worse and it needs attention also.  Sullivan responded that he would like to clear it all the way to the millpond, but there are obstacles.  One is that to work on the property they need permission from every landowner or a granted easement. “Legally we as department personnel cannot cut without owners permission,” Sullivan said.  The advantage they have doing the Bird Creek project is that it is city owned property, he added.

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