Waushara County Supervisors approve 2018 budget with amendment

The Waushara County Board of Supervisors approved the 2018 budget with an added amendment giving the Winnefox Library System a 2 percent  increase during their regular board meeting on Nov. 7 at the Waushara County Courthouse. 

Prior to approval, District 3 Supervisor and Library Services Committee member Larry Timm made a motion to amend the budget to give Winnefox the 9 percent increase they had previously requested. After Timm provided a list of reasons why there was a need for the increase to help fund the libraries, County Administrator Robert Sivick gave the board reasons why the increase would not be feasible. 

A lengthy discussion ensued, between Sivick and Timm, with Sivick stating his points on why the libraries need more funding were well taken and the libraries create positive ties to the community; however, revenue within the county remains stagnant.

County Board Chair Donna Kalata also explained to the board the other department heads within the county had to keep their budgets to a 2 percent increase while the libraries were asking for a 9 percent increase.

Sivick added, treating the libraries differently would make his job difficult and will breathe resentment from department heads and would take away their trust. 

Following the discussion, the motion to amend the budget with a 9 percent increase for the libraries was denied by an 8-2 vote, with Timm and District 2 Supervisor Russell Heise voting in favor of the amendment.

After the 9 percent increase was denied, District 11 Supervisor Mark Kerschner made a motion to amend the budget with a 2 percent increase for the libraries. The motion to approve the 2018 budget with a 2 percent increase for the libraries was passed unanimously.

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