Waushara County corporate counsel addresses Plainfield Village board

Waushara County Corporation Counsel Ruth Zouski gave a presentation to the Plainfield Village Board asking for approval on an ordinance authorizing the Waushara County Sheriff’s Department to enforce Village of Plainfield ordinances on May 5 at the Municipal Building. 

Plainfield resident Monica Balliod also addressed the board about what could be done to lower speed limits on certain streets and how to go about slowing people down in areas where children are often out to play. Balliod has had numerous counts of people speeding past her house.

During the meeting, the board welcomed their newest member Cathy Jo Boyd, and discussed several items, including: roding out of sewer lines in the village every three years, yearly flushing of fire hydrants and trees that were cut and removed from Veteran’s Park.

Board members approved the village joining the Business Association for $35 and $25 per year for membership dues. 

Members of the board approved committee ap-pointments with changes determined by the president. The appointments include: Amanda Gear as chairman of the finance, planning, personnel, and Better Business Bureau committees; Jeff Reabe as chairman of the Fire, Police, Licensing and Emergency Government committees; Randy Zettel-meier as chairman of the Roads and Streets committee; Cathy Jo Boyd as chairman of the Sewer, Water, Weed and Health Commission committees; Angela Wiese as chairman of the Building and Zoning, Library and Cemetery committies; John Roesener as chairman of the Parks, Forestry and Refuse Disposal committees.

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