Waushara County Board approves sale of land to StoneRidge

At the regular meeting on March 20, the Waushara County Board of Supervisors approved selling approximately two acres of land adjacent to StoneRidge. Duane Detjens from StoneRidge addressed the board to explain the expansion planned including a 12,000-foot structure on the back of their building. The expansion will add 20-30 more jobs.

The acreage acquired will give them room to expand and more room for shipments and deliveries by semi trucks. The cost of the sale was not released at the meeting pending an appraisal, but the board did agree to sell the land and they will retain the lease to the tower.

County Administrator, Robert Sivick, said that the county economic development has worked with the DOT and the DNR and the wetlands issue had been resolved. He said that the vote at the meeting was permission to close the deal and the property-appraised value would be on the agenda for the April meeting.